Welcome FSF and GNU!

Today freenode welcomes the Free Software Foundation’s GNU Project, which announced today that it has made us its official IRC network. From the press release:

Bradley M. Kuhn, executive director of the Free Software Foundation, pointed out: “The GNU Project has long sought an IRC network aligned with our strong stand for the principles of software freedom. We believe that Freenode, with its commitment to providing a innovative venue for Free Software developers and like-minded individuals to cooperate, fits the bill.”

Robert Levin, president of Peer-Directed Projects Center, added: “We welcome the opportunity to work more closely with the Free Software Foundation. Licensing that preserves freedom is essential to the health and success of peer-directed projects. The Free Software Foundation’s pivotal role in advocating software freedom makes it a valued contributor to the community.”

To all of the members of the GNU project who’ve spent so much time with us so far: thank you for your support, and welcome officially to freenode!

Open Projects is now freenode!

As of today, Open Projects Net has changed its name. We are now freenode!

This does not represent a change in philosophy or direction for the network. It will, however, provide us a short, memorable name which will help keep us in people’s minds as we continue to grow. It should be a very positive change.

For more information on the change, please take a quick look at the FAQ. Welcome to freenode!