Welcome FSF and GNU!

Today freenode welcomes the Free Software Foundation’s GNU Project, which announced today that it has made us its official IRC network. From the press release:

Bradley M. Kuhn, executive director of the Free Software Foundation, pointed out: “The GNU Project has long sought an IRC network aligned with our strong stand for the principles of software freedom. We believe that Freenode, with its commitment to providing a innovative venue for Free Software developers and like-minded individuals to cooperate, fits the bill.”

Robert Levin, president of Peer-Directed Projects Center, added: “We welcome the opportunity to work more closely with the Free Software Foundation. Licensing that preserves freedom is essential to the health and success of peer-directed projects. The Free Software Foundation’s pivotal role in advocating software freedom makes it a valued contributor to the community.”

To all of the members of the GNU project who’ve spent so much time with us so far: thank you for your support, and welcome officially to freenode!