[Announcement] Fundraising Update & Scheduled Maintenance

As you’re probably aware, the March-July 2004 fundraiser for Peer-Directed Projects Center is officially at a close. We’ve met our fundraising goal, with donations totaling $18,119.42. Thanks to our corporate sponsor Digium and to all of the users of freenode. We appreciate your help!

OPERATIONAL NOTE: We’re in the process of moving one of our hub nodes to its permanent fiber. We’ll be rehubbing in about a half hour, sometime around 05:00 UTC, and again in another 8 hours, at 13:00 UTC (midnight and 08:00 US/Central time). We apologize in advance for the disruption. Thanks for your understanding.

Fundraising Event

Yesterday’s fundraising event went well. Things started out a bit slowly, so much so that your editor ended up sending some global notices—apologies to those of our users who find such messages noisy. But at the end of the day, we raised a total of $355.54, which means we are now $633.02 away from our fundraising goal of $18,000.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in fundraising yesterday, including:

aaearon, ac1d, alexissoft, amrit, andrewy, Anvil, BettyBoop, bhearsum, bkw_, c0ldbyte, ciaranm, Cody, cnb, ctd, Daeken, Damian_Des, dan2, decode, [Dev]_, Didjoburo, DP, eaglex, file, floppydisk, flosch, Georgia, gerrynjr, guru3, harryv, Hyp3rion, jaqque, jcristau, ksandre, Luigi30, mrsnazz, mtp, NeoThermic, nichlas, Nikaji, plasmaroo, poptix, PuppiesOnAcid, pwaring, Ramsey, Rawplayer, reuben, RichardP, Richih, ruskie, rxKaffee, setient, smimou, swegener, The_Tick, TheSandyman, theWW1FlyingAce, tigloo, tite, TmBerg, twisted, unleashed2k, W8TVI, wwalker, Xial, xiO_ and the staff of freenode.

Apologies if we missed you—there were a lot of people in #fundraiser and things were very hectic. We appreciate your support, whether we managed to list you or not. And our thanks to everyone who has donated and to everyone who uses and contributes to the network. We couldn’t do it without you.

The fundraiser is almost done. Please help us finish up!

PDPC Fundraiser Event

Well, the fundraiser is almost done. We’re $1,000.00 US away from our goal of $18,000. (Actually, $988.56—thanks, Luigi30! :) We’re almost there, and it seems to be a good time to go that extra mile to finish up. So, lock up your pets and small children, turn off your WALLOPS, today is Silly Cloaks Day on freenode. 8)

Today’s contributors will get to wear the silly cloak of their choice for 24 hours. Just donate and message a staffer on #fundraiser with the details. You get up to 52 characters of the text of your choice, and the cloaks will end in .fundraiser.pdpc. You’ll get to wear your cloak for 24 hours!

And for those of you who would like to help us move things along even further, it’s….

Embarrass Your Friend DayThis is where you get to wear an embarrassing cloak for 24 hours, to help us finish up the fundraiser with a “bang.” Scary, huh? :) Here’s how it works.

Victims (erm, participants :) should:

  1. Make sure you’re ready to go.
  2. Identify to nickserv and stop by #fundraiser to announce that you’re willing to be a glutton for punishment. :)
  3. We’ll announce you’re available as a victim on WALLOPS!

If you’d like to hang an cloak on someone, you should:

  1. Turn on WALLOPS. One of these commands should work:

    /umode +w
    /mode <yournick> +w

  2. Make sure your nick is set up.
  3. Identify to nickserv and stop by #fundraiser.
  4. Watch for a WALLOPS message announcing someone you’d like to hang that embarrassing label on. Don’t get too nasty, please? We’ll give you pretty broad latitude. 😉
  5. Bid the donation you’re willing to make on #fundraiser. It should be a standard support level (base or student, active, sustaining, bronze, or silver). We’ll wait five minutes, and the highest donation wins; if there’s a tie, we’ll get three staffers to vote on which one they saw first (since messages may arrive at different servers at different times).
  6. If you won the cloak, message us the text you want to appear on it. You get to specify up to 52 characters, and it will end in .fundraiser.pdpc.
  7. Just donate on the website via paypal or credit card, and when it comes in, we’ll set up the cloak, and your poor victim will wear it whenever they’re on the network, for the next 24 hours!
  8. Be kind. Well, okay, you won’t be kind. But at least be kind to *me*, darn it!! 8)

We’ll give out acknowledgement cloaks as usual to donors, and after the 24 hours is up, we’ll return all users to their regularly-scheduled hostname or cloak. Happy Silly Cloak Day, and thank you for using freenode! :)