Fundraising Event

Yesterday’s fundraising event went well. Things started out a bit slowly, so much so that your editor ended up sending some global notices—apologies to those of our users who find such messages noisy. But at the end of the day, we raised a total of $355.54, which means we are now $633.02 away from our fundraising goal of $18,000.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in fundraising yesterday, including:

aaearon, ac1d, alexissoft, amrit, andrewy, Anvil, BettyBoop, bhearsum, bkw_, c0ldbyte, ciaranm, Cody, cnb, ctd, Daeken, Damian_Des, dan2, decode, [Dev]_, Didjoburo, DP, eaglex, file, floppydisk, flosch, Georgia, gerrynjr, guru3, harryv, Hyp3rion, jaqque, jcristau, ksandre, Luigi30, mrsnazz, mtp, NeoThermic, nichlas, Nikaji, plasmaroo, poptix, PuppiesOnAcid, pwaring, Ramsey, Rawplayer, reuben, RichardP, Richih, ruskie, rxKaffee, setient, smimou, swegener, The_Tick, TheSandyman, theWW1FlyingAce, tigloo, tite, TmBerg, twisted, unleashed2k, W8TVI, wwalker, Xial, xiO_ and the staff of freenode.

Apologies if we missed you—there were a lot of people in #fundraiser and things were very hectic. We appreciate your support, whether we managed to list you or not. And our thanks to everyone who has donated and to everyone who uses and contributes to the network. We couldn’t do it without you.

The fundraiser is almost done. Please help us finish up!