A couple of items of possible interest.

First, if you’re involved with bookkeeping or accounting for a small not-for-profit entity, particularly in the FOSS community, please consider maintaining a presence on the new #accounting channel on freenode. This channel was set up to provide mutual support for small not-for-profit entities in the area of bookkeeping and accounting. Examples: use of UCoA for general ledger and reporting, accrual-based accounting techniques, basic bookkeeping. Please stop by the freenode IRC network, channel #accounting.

Second, if you’re thinking of using PayPal to donate to our parent not-for-profit entity, Peer-Directed Projects Center, today would be a good day to do so. PayPal has announced a free day due to its recent problems. It will be refunding fees on all transactions, until 11:59pm US/Pacific (6:59am 29 October 2004 UTC). So, you have about ten hours to make that donation with no fees charged to PDPC. Please take the opportunity to make your donation go a bit farther!

Thank you for your support to date, and thank you for using freenode.