[Scheduled Maintenance] Switch Maintenance

Good morning and best wishes during the holiday season. One of our sponsors has scheduled switch maintenance for New Years’ Eve morning, 31 December 2004 at 1am UTC. This maintenance could take as little as two minutes or as much as forty-five. There is the possibility of substantial network impact.

Thanks in advance for your patience, and have an excellent New Year. Thank you for using freenode!

[Scheduled Maintenance] Re-hubbing

Good morning, all. We’ll be doing substantial rehubbing on freenode at 7am, in just under two hours. The work will disrupt network use but should be finished in less than a half hour. We’ll also be doing fairly major rehubbing and reboots on main rotation servers around 5am either Sunday or Monday morning. We’ll keep you posted.

We apologize for these unavoidable outages, and as always, thank you for using freenode!