freenode is about you and don’t just take our word for it

We are still experimenting with this blog and we would really like to get some input on what interests you guys and gals. So please take five minutes, sit down and write a comment to this blog post. Tell us what you feel, what you think, what you love, what you hate, what you always wanted to know about us and anything else you can come up with. Talk to us. I promise we will answer.

9 thoughts on “freenode is about you and don’t just take our word for it

  1. This is a great idea! Freenode will really benefit from better communication with users, and this seems like a great way to let us know what’s going on and keep us updated with where freenode’s going. Plenty of entries so far; keep it up :)

  2. OK, here’s my feedback.

    Wondered why this post was written on February 28th, it’s March 7th now, and this is only your second comment?

    It’s because user registration is required to leave a comment. This is a pet peeve of many people and seriously hinders people from being bothered to post a comment.

    Believe me. Take me for example. 😉 Like many bloggers, I have a policy of refusing to comment on a blog where they force me to register in order to comment. This is an exception, because you’re asking for feedback, and I hope I am not wasting my time telling this to deaf ears.

    You would get a lot more interaction from the community if you disabled this ‘feature’.

    I understand if you enabled it in order to combat spam. This is sadly one big reason why blogs enable this feature. However, when a blog is armed with BB+SK2+AK it is nearly invincible anyway.

  3. Jeremy: You are right and I just changed the options so people can post right away. We will still hold the comments in the moderation queue, but we might pull that at some point, too. This blog is still very much a work in progress and we are learning by doing.

    I fully agree that open access is a Good Thing, we simply need to find out where the best balance lies.

    In any case thanks for the input, you can wee we react on this stuff.

    PS: I was away this week, else I would have replied earlier :/

  4. “We will still hold the comments in the moderation queue, but we might pull that at some point, too.”

    I don’t recommend doing that. If it isn’t already, the quene will eventually be filled with spam. I don’t know exactly where it comes from, but even the least active blogs will have spam. You don’t want a whole page filled with ads for Viagara now, do you? 😛

    Now, my suggestion is to make or get a new theme :) I understand that this is one of your lowest priorities, but the default WordPress theme gets boring sometimes.

  5. Yah, we have had our fair share of spam and I manually handle that as of right now. We are looking into the anti-spam solutions Jeremy suggested.

    As for the theme, I personally do not think it ugly, but then I am not really part of the blogosphere so I can not get bored by the seeing the same theme all the time 😉
    If you have any suggestions as to different themes feel free to suggest them! I have to agree that the theme is a low priority, but I do not think we are against changing it, either.

  6. Well, the default theme is a quite attractive one imo. But it might be better to get one that more closely integrates with the main freenode website theme. It’s quite jarring clicking over to the blog and seeing a much lighter-coloured theme.

  7. Personally, I would not be against a redesign of our main pages, but that is my own opinion and not a very high priority issue in any case. In any case, you are right that there is quite a visual break between http://www.fn and blog.fn and I will keep it in mind. Perhaps we will get there, at some point 😉

  8. So, the blog started out well – there were a number of interesting blog entries – but it’s been a month, and there are no more entries! There weren’t a massive number of comments, but please don’t give up! This really is a great way to continue communicating with freenode users…

    I think there’s a general impression that the way freenode operates is slightly arcane and opaque; there’s a lot of conference that seems to go on between staff members, and very little of this information is communicated outside small, narrow unicast communications channels between the person who caused the conference to take place and whichever staff member was contacted.

    Freenode desparately needs to start communicating some of these pieces of information more publically – everything from how things actually work operationally to what freenode’s longterm plans are.

    The website makes a good start, but needs to be kept up to date more thoroughly – channel registration/expiraton is a perfect example of an instance in which what actually happens operationally is altogether different from how the process is portrayed on the freenode FAQ. There are practical reasons why the process practically differs from what the FAQ says – but this information isn’t available anywhere, and it should be!

    More strategic information would be great, too; registry is an example of this – the freenode website makes many references to a replacement for services called ‘registry’ but nowhere is there a single, canonical document telling us what the strategy for this is and how far it’s implemented. Has this been dropped by the wayside? Is it fervently being worked on in secret? There’s no way to know! :)

    Please, please tell us more – and seriously (re)consider updating the website and providing us with more content and/or a new site design that lets people know that freenode is changing; I think all of these changes would go a long way towards fostering a better understanding of freenode on the part of it’s users.

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