PDPC Design Contest!

A while back we announced on the freenode news page that we are running a design competition for logo + website design for the PDPC (Peer-Directed Projects Center); the not-for-profit organization that owns and operates freenode.

This is a quick reminder about the contest still being on, and anyone interested are encouraged to get in touch with us by e-mailing [email protected]

As the PDPC grows and expands it has become clear that we would benefit greatly from a better web presence, and we would like to invite you to participate in our web design and logo contests.

We are announcing a public contest to design http://pdpc.us. The contest is open to all interested individuals, companies and organizations. To enter, please submit one or two PNG or SVG images that show the front page as well as a sub-page should the design differ on the two. At this stage we want only a design mockup; a fully-functional website is not required. Entries for the logo design should contain a PNG or SVG image of your design. The deadline for submissions for both contests is 20:00UTC on April 14th, 2007.

The PDPC board along with freenode staff will select the top 5 candidates for each contest, which will then be posted publically for everyone to review. We will then put the finalists through a community voting process.

Since the PDPC as an organisation believes strongly in open development and free information, we naturally have a strong preference for designs that rely only upon open standards; designs that rely upon flash animation or other proprietary formats are discouraged. The ideal design would be easily navigable and pleasant on the eye, and should be flexible enough that it can be used on other affiliated sites. The possibility for discreet advertising space is also desired. For practical and legal reasons, we will need to retain copyright on the winning design, so please do not submit entries for which this is problematic.

Psst. There is a prize!

11 thoughts on “PDPC Design Contest!

  1. Hi, sounds like a great contest.

    Can we get a little more information as to what the page(s) should hold?
    An example link or two would also be greatly appreciated!


  2. Heya CBG,

    We currently don’t have a PDPC website as we’ve in the past used only the http://freenode.net/pdpc.shtml page as our ‘webpage’. As for what the pages would hold, they would have content such as What we are about, what projects we run, perhaps also what non PDPC projects we support (financially or otherwise), contact information for the board, maybe a news/blog type bit on the main page.. It would be great if we could incorporate say a gallery into it too, with cool photos from some of the community events we attend. Ways of getting involved, feedback form perhaps.. You know, just general content.

    I hope that helped, if it was totally off the mark as to what you were after ping me again and I’ll try be more clear!


  3. It is also worth pointing out that any design should work with text-based browsers such as lynx. Screen-readers do normally not cope too well with Javascript and the like. So long story short, while such extended functions _might_ be nice, they should not provide any essential features.

    Another thing I would like to add is that if we find a design that we like, we would probably want to use a very similar design on freenode’s website. Think a slightly different color scheme, different buttons, whatever. You are the ones who will design so use your imagination. We would like to aim for a common look and feel, though.

    Coming to the topic of a logo, I would _love_ to see a common theme for logos of pdpc, freenode and any other projects that will spring forth in the future. Same as Mozilla has a common visual appearance to their logos, we should aim for the same. Another approach would be a common ‘mother’ logo and some style element for each subgroup (like a desktop icon for document and a small stylus, lock, printer or some such in front). Again, use your imagination.

    Personally, I tend to favor roughly round logos like the Debian swirl, Ubuntu’s logo or FOSSCON’s logo. But logos like Gentoo’s g and irssi’s flame would also fit into this roughly round scheme.

    Last but not least keep cms integration in mind. We are not certain how we will update our pages in the future, but editing shtml files by hand might be discontinued 😉

    Now get designing, we are looking forward to it!

  4. To answer a few questions that came up:

    Yes, ascii art is OK. I personally think it’s a fun idea and has great potential if done right. We are a text medium, after all

    Yes, you can submit as many entries as you like.

    Yes, we will gladly take any kind of art submission. If you think you have the perfect t-shirt, mug, business card for staff or whatever. Your imagination is your limit, really.

  5. You may also work in groups, alone or with your trusty donkey. We don’t care 😉 The same copyright conditions apply to everyone in a submitting group, of course.

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  7. The prize is my limit. We need to know it :p
    It’s because I’m focused on other things that I cannot work on this one.

  8. Seven hundred virgins, ten houses and a pina colada!

    Seriously, it will probably include t-shirts in some way and anything else we can come up with. I can promise that we will think of some cool and fun things and stuff those into your loot sack. As to what it will be.. We are as excited about this as you are.. 😉

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