What’s your story?

We would like to feature a few stories of how open source in general and freenode in specific influenced you and your life. Anyone who is interested in getting their story published should write email to blog*freenode.net. Depending on feedback, this might even evolve into a weekly feature (or not 😉 ). So, happy submitting!

One thought on “What’s your story?

  1. This is a great idea RichiH, I for one started using computers back in 1978. I was lucky. Hopefully this will take off as a great feature for freenode. May I suggest getting writers to contribute as there are many people with talent on freenode and oftc to which other people can learn off.

    Not only that, it would be helpful to have some people write up troublesome bugs and how they fixed it. Open source is important and it is good to learn from hackers. Please bear in mind not all hackers are bad. If you know how to break something then patch it, well that is my definition of a hacker. Let’s clean up 0x0804839c

    Kind Regards

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