A Re-/De-focus

freenode is pleased to announce a few changes effective May 12, 2007 at 12:55 UTC:

  • the (re)formation of #freenode, which will be an official help channel for the freenode network. For more information, please review the #freenode channel guidelines.
  • the closing of #freenode-social. While#freenode-social has served its purpose for the last couple of years, it has really outgrown itself and is being closed.
  • the opening of #defocus, the new social channel for freenode. #defocus is being launched with anticipation of more to come in the near (or mid-) future. It will differ from #freenode-social in a number of ways, including: (1) like #freenode, has its own set of channel guidelines, which should help clarify what is on/offtopic in the channel, and (2) unlike -social, #defocus will be -m, which means you won’t require voice to talk.

We truly hope you enjoy these changes and look forward to serving you under this new structure.

4 thoughts on “A Re-/De-focus

  1. I wasn’t hugely involved in the process but I think that the community-informed preparation of guidelines went really well and I believe we now have a strong basis for a good two ‘main’ channels that will serve the network proud.

    I would like to note that #freenode is going to work similar to #tapthru did in the sense that it is not just help with freenode, but with other things as well. Fancy learning to fly?

  2. Thanks :)

    Feedback has been mostly positive, in email, irc and, now, blog. We will obviously have some readjustment issues, but we firmly believe that this is a change for the better and worth seeing it through.

    You and everyone should join the channels and fill them with life and positive interaction. Also, feel free to try and help actively shaping the channel.

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