50,000 Active Users

Howdy, folks! At 19:40 UTC+1 today, freenode reached 50,000 active users online, which is a record for us!

Freenode reached 40,000 users a little over a year ago, so we’re really going from strength to strength! Thanks to all of you who’ve helped us build our community over the last year, and we’d like to invite you to #defocus to help us celebrate. :)

13 thoughts on “50,000 Active Users

  1. ‘Things can only get better.’

    Freenode has seemed to have grown over the past year yet again, and I think here is the proof of it.

  2. Hi
    first of all i’m sorry for the bad english
    the matter is that i’ve lost my password and i don’t know how to get it back, i’ve tried to contact the staff but every time i do /stats p there are no staff members online :S

    if someone knows a way for me to get my password back please say something to my email : [email protected]


  3. Would be nice if there was at least one staffer on for these 50k users…oh wait…nope. none.

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