Nickserv Access Module Loaded.

We recently added support for NickServ’s ACCESS command to freenode’s services. This allows you to define a list of hostmasks from which nickserv will recognise you before you have identified. Logging in as normal is still required, but matching an entry on this list will prevent NickServ from changing your nick if ENFORCE is enabled.

For more detailed information, see NickServ’s help topic:

/msg NickServ HELP ACCESS

There is one caveat to this feature: if you match an entry on your nickname’s access list, you will not receive notices from NickServ asking you to identify. This, combined with nickname access lists that were migrated from our old theia database and have lain dormant since, may cause some auto-identify scripts to stop functioning.

If you find that this is the case, the simplest workaround is just to remove all entries from your nickname’s access list. Use

/msg NickServ ACCESS LIST

to see all entries, and

/msg NickServ ACCESS DEL <hostmask>

to remove them.

3 thoughts on “Nickserv Access Module Loaded.

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  2. I’ve already seen this module cause issues. One user came into #freenode to ask for his nickname to be dropped so that he could register it again, but, although it had been unused for over a year, he was recognized on the access list and his last seen time was reset so his nickname was no longer expired. Personally, I think it would have been better to have not imported the old access lists and just start from scratch so that this would not have happened. Also, I think atheme’s developers should make it so that being recognized on the access list does not reset users’ last seen times.

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