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As you are probably aware, the PDPC re-incorporated in the UK and to that end we are trying to meet the threshold for being registered as a charity through the charity commission — a status which would allow us to continue offering tax relief to hardware and bandwith sponsors, in addition to cutting our costs.  To this end, we are in the process of designing several cool t-shirts which will be available on the pdpc’s website for purchase.  The proceeds from these sales will help supplement donations which we already receive from some of our users.

Well, this is where you come in.  We need help!  Freenode is full of people with cool ideas, doing cool things, and we want to embody some of this on these t-shirts. As such, we are looking for some great designs we can take forward and use for these shirts. If you have an idea for a t-shirt design you would like to see us offer, send it on over  to [email protected] for our review.  As we proceed, further details (including a link to view and purchase shirts) will be made available via the blog.

Thanks to each and every one of you for your support, and as always thank you for using freenode!

2 thoughts on “freenode t-shirts

  1. T-shirts are cool and all.. though what I’d love is a nice golf/polo shirt with a subtile “Freenode” logo (and maybe a space for your nick/favorite channel or something).

    .. something you could wear to the office where you have to at least pretend to be trying to look professional-ish.

    If this was done.. how would shipping/payment work.. cause I totally don’t need Mr. kitten-muncher there knowing where I live :(

  2. Hopefully, this isn’t to obnoxious….but to get help, one needs to connect and, unfortunately, I cannot connect to a freenode server.

    I have tried and port 6667. I assume this is the correct information.

    However, I only get ‘connection refused’ messages back. At the moment, I am using ChatZilla (the firefox plugin) which tries to connect at increasing, but regular, intervals.

    Is it really this hard to connect or is it likely that I am doing something wrong?

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