Free-as-in-Node episode 5 released!

Episode 5 of Free-as-in-Node is now available and ready to abduct even more of your time, now with even more ginger!  Listen in for some details on Ubuntu-1 from Stuart “aquarius” Langridge in Pimp My Project.  Ubuntu-1 sounds like an amazing new project.  Stuart gives us a tip to take a look at Ubuntu-1 without the wait, and gives us a few details on what he is up to and whats going on at Canonical.  He tells us about the ayatana mailing list, where discussion takes place on the interface and looks of Ubuntu.  We also find out about the new telepathic user interface Stuart is going to deliver to us… personally.

Christel tells us about the time travel fund, and the organization behind it.  For only $10 YOU too can sign up to be whisked away into time.  You’ll get it back with interest when they come back to take you away.  For $20 you can even go back to pick up your dead relatives.   Christel unfortunately vanished moments after signing up.

In this weeks political rant we hear about expenses filed by members of parliament for all sorts of things, from replacing light bulbs to pipes under their personal tennis courts.  It seems members of parliament are making use of this to furnish their homes, feed their families, and all sorts of other things. None of this is illegal, but is that because the people doing it are the ones making the laws?  Going on we hear all about the political views around the table and Christel hugging the queen.

Further on, we listen to the crew chatting about the way the world has changed and whats different now from the era of our grandparents.  No more leaving the door unlocked and coming home to tea.  Is the world more evil today than it was?

All in all, a much deeper episode delving into all sorts of things, and very entertaining.  Head on over to to listen in!

SouthEast LinuxFest (SELF) 2009

The first annual SouthEast LinuxFest is coming up in just a few weeks, on June 13th.  This event is for anyone who wants to learn more about free and open source software, and is a combination educational conference and social gathering, all in one.  It looks to be a very exciting event.  Freenode will have at least one representative at the event and we are already aware of quite a few freenode users who will be there.

The event website is, and you can also hop on and visit #southeastlinuxfest.

We really hope a few of you can make it in.  It really looks like it’s going to be a wonderful event. If you would like to join in, be sure to register on the site.  Hope to see you there!