Web chat updates

Over the last few  weeks we have had quite a bit of feedback from our new web chat client.  As a result of this we’ve been able to feed back requests to the qwebirc developers who have been able to add many requested features:

  • Optional Nick colour support
  • Optional join, part and quit message hiding
  • Optional last position indicator to track which content is new since you last focused on IRC
  • CSS changes to highlight messages from yourself
  • https support
  • NickServ authentication

Some of the optional features are disabled by default, but can be enabled in the option pane, accessible from the menu (top left).

5 thoughts on “Web chat updates

  1. From what I’ve seen, Mibbit was more than willing to work with you guys on this. They took all your suggestions and put them into code: http://blog.mibbit.com/?p=320 Sure there were some snotty responses from a few of the mibbit staff at the start – but not surprising, they’d be snubbed without warning by Freenode. And Axod said he’d take steps to ensure they were more tactful in the future.

    What is Freenode doing to repair the relationship with Mibbit?

  2. is the webchat broken? i can’t get it to come up today. it worked yesterday though.
    thanks :)

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