Free as in freenode

Most of you are probably familiar with the various freedoms that are frequently stated, such as freedom of speech or expression.  While freenode does exist to promote communication amongst free and open source projects, it is not an open forum for all to use in any way.

The purpose and goals of freenode are simple, but often misunderstood.  Freenode is a privately operated special purpose irc network, aimed at improving communication between developers, and users, and others interested in free and open source software.  These people and their ability to communicate efficiently are our primary concern and focus.  The “free” in freenode in intended to indicate this goal, and our commitment to providing a collaboration platform for those with an interest in free and open source software, rather than “freedom of speech or expression”.

As a private network, we do reserve the right to limit the sort of content allowed on freenode.  Some of things considered on and offtopic are outlined here.

Hopefully this clears up a little about what the “free” in freenode actually stands for (and what we do, as well).

7 thoughts on “Free as in freenode

  1. “As a private network, we do reserve the right to limit the sort of content allowed on freenode.”

    I find this… disturbing… to say the least. Does this mean Freenode will begin/is practising censorship of material it considers off-topic? If so, /me -> gone.

  2. Very dubious indeed :(

    .. first they enforce stricter and stricter anti-off-topic rules until the only on-topic channels permitted are for discussion of freenode network philosophy.. and even THOSE most be careful not to stray into other areas lest heavy penalties be brought down upon the members

    next thing you know we’re all toiling in the ACID MINES looking for CATALYSTS

    .. then comes the blood lightening :(

  3. I think both of you are taking your comments well out of proportion. I don’t see anything wrong with somewhat restricting communication to the FOSS community because quite simply, that is what freenode exists for?

    If you keep to yourselves in your own channel and are talking about Tennis, then noone is saying you will be booted off, it’s just that the FOSS community always comes first on freenode, quite simple really?

  4. This is such an awesome clarification! I don’t know who tied a knot in Toes or Jacob’s panties.. but if they leave the network because of it.. good! We don’t need any more trolling jerk-asses like them soiling the network I use as support for so many wonderful projects.

  5. Would you consider re-opening access from mibbit, or at least addressing the following issues? There are (at least) two major differences between mibbit and

    (1) single interface to multiple networks (not just freenode)
    (2) logging and preferences to a persistent account

    Thanks for hearing us in.

  6. Calm down there Beavis .. it was meant to be a blatant over-the-top reaction. I’d hoped the references to acid mines and blood lightening would prevent people from taking it seriously (I`m not trying to troll here.. just poke fun at the extremist freedom-of-speech types).

    Anyway, obviously I have failed.. ironically getting lumped in with the “if I don’t get my way I`m taking my ball and going home” types.

    So here is my hopefully less ambiguous statement:

    I have never had any issue with freenode controlling the use of its resources. I have never felt I was some how entitled to free speech because the network’s name has the word free in it. I have no issues with freenode dictating what content is acceptable on it’s network. I do not liken this to censorship, as freenode was established to support a specific group of people, and not just be a general IRC server. I do not feel these actions are “dubious”. I have no fear that these decisions will result in blood lightening and/or mass enslavement of freenode’s user base in the acid mines.

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