DCC spam, and how to handle it.

We are aware of the recent DCC spam attempts, and we are working on this issue.  In the meantime, please do not paste the full DCC text you recieve in #freenode (or any other channel) as in many cases it can cause you to appear as a problem yourself.

Instead, feel free to report it by first verifying (using  the /whois command) that the sender is still online, and then reporting the sender in #freenode.  Please be aware that #freenode is a general help channel and we need to keep it clear of general chatter in order to support the many users of freenode.  If you wish to discuss anything other than an immediate support request, please find a more appropriate channel for the topic.

On this topic, please be sure to only accept DCC requests from trusted users and to be cautious about them at all times.  You may wish to consider filtering out the DCC requests using your clients ignore functions, or enabling umode +C to prevent CTCP messages from being received. If you would like help with these topics feel free to stop by #freenode or your clients support channel.

As always, thank you for using freenode.

2 thoughts on “DCC spam, and how to handle it.

  1. For pidgin, minimize all chat windows, then click one of the DCC windows, and hold down alt-C, then they will all go away.

  2. It’s worth pointing out that setting umode +C will prevent direct CTCP messages being received, which will also stop CTCP ACTIONS (use of the /me command) in private chats – so if you’re talking to someone who is using +C, and you say “/me is doing something”, they will not receive it.

    Also, +C does not affect CTCP sent to channels.

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