Connecting to freenode using Tor: SASL

With our change of ircd to the all new ircd-seven, we are trialling a new method of allowing users to connect to the network via Tor. This method brings a number of changes:

  • The only Tor hidden service is: the new p4fsi4ockecnea7l.onion.
  • You will need to have a registered and verified NickServ account to connect using Tor. Beyond this, no further steps are necessary.
  • You will need to use a SASL mechanism to identify to the server.

We have collected together scripts for irssi and mirc, while Conspire supports SASL natively. Scripts may be available for other clients in addition.


Download and install this script ( and, after loading it, configure it using

/sasl set <network> <username> <password> <mechanism>

Supported mechanisms are PLAIN and DH-BLOWFISH.


A mirc script is available, taken from a forum post by Kyle Travaglini. You can retrieve the source here.

Instructions (adapted from that forum):

  • Place SASL.dll and sasl.mrc into your $mircdir.
  • Load sasl.mrc into your remotes.
  • Press F2 and configure the network, before connecting as usual.

If you have any problems, either pop into #freenode from a non-torified connection or drop an email to support AT

This method of connecting to freenode using Tor supersedes all previous methods, including Tor-GPG. We hope that this method of connecting via Tor will help to make it somewhat more accessible to you!

28 thoughts on “Connecting to freenode using Tor: SASL

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  2. I’ve made a modified version of the script at The original script has a fixed timeout of 5 seconds, which is too low for most Tor users. My modified script can change the timeout by using /set sasl_timeout , e.g. /set sasl_timeout 25

  3. Hello,

    Thanks for the Tuto but i run Quassel irc and it not work actually.

    I will ask Freenode and wait the workaround .

    I keep in touch

    Best regards

  4. Well i have asked about Quassel and “SASL” will work with 0.6-beta1 and later…

    So need a bit patience

  5. Many people use the Tor IM Browser Bundle and the bundled/pre-configured Pidgin to connect to IRC servers over Tor.

    Will there be any chance that you will work with the Tor Project in the future? It seems possible to ensure that users of the recommended Tor Project software are not left out in the cold.

    Will this be possible with the new changes? Has anyone from Freenode tried to use the Tor IM Browser Bundle with these new settings?

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  7. “You will need to have a registered and verified NickServ account to connect using Tor.”


    Tor users want privacy/security, disallowing Tor users from signing up for the service while connected with Tor is a failure. So the broken registration idea continues in a new form, where potential Tor users must register without the security of a hidden service which protects their identity and user:pass in transit.

    Count me and many others OUT!

  8. scirpt does not work when using irssi-plugin-xmpp

    Can’t locate object method “send_raw_now” via package …

    Sorry I lost teh end, but it was something about XMPP

  9. Just a little precision for mIRC users: “domain” and “real name” fields are required (like network, username and password)

  10. I get an error in runtime – “Can’t locate object method “send_raw_now” via package “Irssi::Irc::Server”” when connecting to the server

  11. Hi, I am using Linkunus as Client on a Mac and I also tried Colloquy with the mapport way. In Linkinus I get this while I connect to P4Fsi4Ockecnea7L.Onion I get:

    Connecting to p4fsi4ockecnea7l.onion. on port 6667
    An error occurred (nodename nor servname provided, or not known)

    The best thing is that I get to other .onion Services without any Problem. Linkinus also ‘as I know’ supports SASL.

    Some Weeks ago it worked so far, that Linkinus tried to reconnect several times on p4fsi4ockecnea7l.onion and I was banned from the Network, for several hours. Now I get the error above.

    Anyone an Idea about this?

    Advance Thanks.

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  13. i don’t get how this is suppose to work. it needs to be detailed instructions on how to set it up. on programs like xchat. and then we also need to be able to use it anonymously. if it requires you register without tor than it is of no use to Tor users.

  14. You can use a throw-away gpg key and email address. That way we can establish your identity across sessions without knowing anything about you.

  15. I’d like to be removed from Tor’s blacklist, and be able to get on to Freenode normally. I’m tired of serving as an exit node and receiving so many DMCAs. How do I remove myself from the blacklist and get back on to freenode?

  16. For mIRC, you lost me here:

    “Press F2 and configure the network, before connecting as usual.”

    I press F2 and it does nothing.
    SASL.dll is in the same folder as mIRC.exe
    sasl.mrc is loaded into my remotes

    I still can not connect to freenode, seriously why doing this crap? Freenode was doing well without this. If I am ever able to connect to freenode I will be interested to see if most freenode channels lost half of their audience. =/

  17. Everyone above me needs to learn to do research for themselves. Also it’s call hushmail people, you don’t have to use your real email addresses. Oh and for those having issues with their scripts here is this: Second link.

  18. We don’t allow throw-away email addresses as there have been too many users trying to be clever and unable to remember their throwaway addresses.

  19. Hi, I was wondering why I can connect via SASL using LimeChat on my iPod, but not when using LimeChat for Mac. I do have a registered account, and use it on both devices, but wondered why it won’t work with the Mac. Is there an update I must download?

  20. Freenode randomly blocks my connectiong with the SASL error… but typically I never have any problems….

    UX failure here guys… solution? I dont use TOR or anything of the sort.

  21. i do not use tor and have not had my irc clients give me the SASL identification request and subsquent fail to access freenode im trying to access though my phone apps! (droid) ircdroid & andchat no joy. i have a registered nick… etc any clues pls.

  22. Freenode is INFURIATING!!!!

    Use TOR when you’re banned – but provide no OOB way to setup your authentication???? WTF?

    I’m banned, and my ID wasn’t ever registered – so I can’t connect, can’t auth so I can’t use TOR either, and have no way to setup auth without connecting…

    Looks like folks should stop using them.

  23. Please see a new version of the script fixing the problem with irssi XMPP package:

    Can’t locate object method “send_raw_now” via package “Irssi::Irc::Server”

  24. I am using xchat2 on Linux. I have the SASL script loaded and have configured SASL for the hidden server. When I try and connect I get one of the following – right after I get booted;

    *You are banned from this server- Due to abuse we currently accept tor connections
    *via our tor-sasl service only. See – questions can be
    *directed to [email protected] (2012/5/10 13.18)
    *Closing Link: (K-LINED)
    *Closing Link: (*** Banned )
    *Disconnected (Remote host closed socket).
    *Disconnected ().


    You are banned from this server- You have a host listed in the EFNet RBL. For more
    information, visit Please contact [email protected] with questions. (2012/4/29 07.20)
    Closing Link: (*** Banned )
    Disconnected (Remote host closed socket).

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