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For a long time, freenode has utilised a Group Registration system to give groups (such as companies and open source projects) the ability to manage channels in the primary namespace (ie, channels beginning with a single “#”) and to give contributors to their projects cloaks. Perhaps more importantly, the system allows groups to retain control of their identity on freenode. It is because of this aspect of Group Registration that filing a Group Registration Form (GRF) has been necessary for projects to acquire primary channels which have been already registered. For the same reason, we ask those who register new primary channels to file a form.

A great number of fantastic projects use freenode. Only a small subset of staff are able to handle GRFs, and in combination with the large volume of forms filed we have developed a significant backlog. We realise that because of this backlog, certain groups are unable to claim channels on freenode which should rightfully be theirs. While we appreciate that many projects have been waiting months or years for a form to be processed, we must consider GRFs filed in order to obtain channel ownership for a legitimate project to be a priority – if you’re in the former position and not the latter, I hope you can see why.

At this stage, we are hoping to move through these priority requests in the coming weeks (and, depending on volume, months), before moving on to other requests. If you are a prospective group contact who has filed a GRF form before and you fall into the priority group (to be clear: you are in the priority group only if you need the GRF to be processed in order for you to gain access to the #group or #project channel on freenode), please email us at grfprocess at freenode dot net. The email should contain your IRC nick and your group’s name – no other personal information should be sent. We will soon be in touch regarding “next steps”.

If you want to help us to provide a top class service to groups, please consider getting involved with development of our new Group Management System (GMS).

Finally, a quick word of gratitude to those who have been waiting for GRFs to be filed for a long period of time. Thank you for your patience – we will move on to processing your requests as soon as we are able, and will let you know when via this blog and network wallops. Thanks for choosing freenode :)

8 thoughts on “Group Registration Form verifications

  1. Greetings.

    I’m trying to follow the instructions to register.
    Within the irc channel suggested.
    But I get an error message.

    ! Register is not accepted

    My interest is academic, nonprofit and without seeking any harm to anyone, I’d have a space in your server in which to practice unix commands and a space to publish my findings to my students who work with Unix.

    I hope you can help would be of great benefit to the academic community enthusiastic in unix / linux / bsd / mac in Mexico.

  2. Yes, we are woefully behind with GRFs. You can poke us in #freenode if you need it processed faster, though. That, or you can help code the replacement system :)

  3. Takes 5 minutes to qualify for a VISA with a $5000 credit limit, yet “years” to get approved to hold a channel on freenode. What’s wrong with this picture? Why not abandon this needless bureaucracy and judge namespace the same way Internet registers do, and only get involved in disputes when they arise? Must be a nice needless powertrip for staff and freenode to have, only to exert control over the network. It’s laughable if you think anyone actually believes this long drawn out process is to their benefit. I’ve since moved my channel to undernet. The GRF process on freenode is a joke.

  4. Juan,

    Unlike VISA, freenode is operated by volunteers. Disputes over ownership are likely more frequent for us than Internet registrars (relatively), by partial virtue of the fact that people do not need to pay money to register a channel on freenode. When we have GMS in place, therefore, channel registration will be more closely tied to group verification.

    One of our aims is to serve the communities on freenode, and building a relationship through group registration is seen as key to this. Disputes may still occur, but the checks we perform as part of the GRF process should minimise their frequency.

    However, you are correct that the process takes too long. This is why we do not require a GRF to be filed and approved *before* a channel is registered. If that were the case, given the current times involved in processing GRFs, the network would be practically unusable for new communities. If a project wishes to register a previously unregistered channel, they can do this without an approved GRF. Only if the channel has been previously registered is GRF approval necessary before ownership is transferred – and the process outlined above aims to expedite claims of this nature (with varying success).

    All that being said, I’m sorry that you felt it necessary to move your channel elsewhere as a result of the delays in the queue. If you wish to discuss things more further, you can of course grab me on irc.

  5. Hello Staff.

    I really want my community to take off. A Swedish \ English Discussion channel for linux. I’ve filled out the form and are now waiting. I’m not in hurry but I just want to remind that we are waiting.

    nick: enCyde
    Group: #sweden

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