This is a public service announcement…

As some of you might remember, freenode used to send wallops when FLOSS projects had major releases and for other news that are, hopefully, of general interest. After some internal deliberation, we decided to retry this experiment. Projects are invited to submit their wallops requests to us and we will try to accommodate everyone. Obviously, we will try to limit this to relevant news and while we are not sure about the exact modus operandi yet, we are confident that we will figure something out that works for everyone.

If you want to receive wallops, simply run

/quote mode $yournick +w


/umode +w

in your IRC client. Please note that you need to do this every time you connect so setting up an auto-command or similar makes sense. In case you want to stop receiving wallops without reconnecting to freenode, simply run

/quote mode $yournick -w


/umode -w

and you are all set. Hopefully, we will manage to come up with interesting news for you. Feedback on this in #freenode or via this post is appreciated.

5 thoughts on “This is a public service announcement…

  1. Most, if not all, IRC clients support `/mode`, so `/quote` should not be necessary.

  2. Yes, there are several ways to do this. We went with the two which we think should work on most, if not all, clients.

  3. I’ve been connecting to Freenode for the past 3 weeks via Tor using mIRC and SASL. But today I am completely unable to connect (I have been trying for several hours), despite being able to connect to webchat and my Tor proxy working (which I verified using Chrome).

    How can I get help when the only help available is via IRC which I cannot connect to? :-(

  4. Sorry for the OT post, but I couldn’t find another place to post suggestions.

    I often get automated messages of the form “please register your nick, and don’t forget to auto-identify!” What’s missing here: a link to instructions on how to do that, an indication of whether my nick is currently registered or unregistered (I could’ve sworn I registered it long ago), and a link to instructions on how to turn off various nannying messages I get from the ircd. The way the message currently reads preserves IRC as a mysterious domain for insiders only. Could you please consider updating the way these messages are delivered?


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