Fixing #defocus

We want #defocus, the network social channel, to be a welcoming place for relaxed, easy conversation. Of late, we’re seeing that staff are acting in a policing role more than we are able to take an active part in the flow of the channel. This is something of a circle, as the more we are seen to be police, the harder it is for us to achieve what we want with the channel.

We’ve had some extensive discussions with #defocus regulars and ops on various channels around what we can do to improve the day-to-day atmosphere of the channel and bring it around to be what we want it to be, and one of the more immediate outcomes of these discussions was that we need to introduce more specific channel ops for #defocus, to work alongside staff in shaping the channel’s future.

To that end, the following users are now channel ops in #defocus, and are ready and able to asist when moderation might be required. _msh, jbroome , rww , Ttech, bburhans, frantk, gry, Fuchs , TheEvilPhoenix, Zuu.

Please help us in welcoming them to the #defocus team.

3 thoughts on “Fixing #defocus

  1. A huge problem is that users get frustrated already the moment they join because it’s necessary to wait about half an hour to just be able to speak … it’s certainly not a place to go to defocus/relax. Then you’ll either end up with only those who can afford to be connected 24/7, or cocky/frustrated/arrogant people.


  3. I am no longer a defocus channel operator, per my own decision.

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