Defocus’s visit to the opticians: new guidelines

A couple of months ago, mrmist posted about the #defocus-focus channel, which was looking to improve the atmosphere in #defocus.

One of the areas that has been concentrated on is improving the ruleset for the channel.  A number of people including Fuchs, dax, Ttech and others have involved in this improvement process.

As a result of the efforts of all the fantastic people involved in that channel, we now have a new set of guidelines for #defocus. You can read them on our website.

Hopefully these changes bring the guidelines up to date with the general expectations and aims of the channel. As always, comments are welcome!


One thought on “Defocus’s visit to the opticians: new guidelines

  1. Martinp23,

    I read the new rules and think they are more than fair and reasonable. Unfortunately these things always become necessary at some point in time no matter how hard we try to avoid them.

    Laws of the universe I guess!

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