Upgrade and database prune completed

The planned services upgrade and database prune went ahead today as planned and has completed successfully. Approximately 300000 nicks were removed from the database, and we’ve moved to Atheme 7, so hopefully response times from services should be improved, with less of the lag that was sometimes noticeable before.

In addition, certificate based authentication is now available. We’ll hopefully get the docs for this up online shortly.

9 thoughts on “Upgrade and database prune completed

  1. thank god my nick wasn’t removed! I hadn’t identified in about two and a half months, so was worried when I read this… I havn’t been connected in the past two months or so, but I never noticed any lag before that. Was it a frequent thing?

  2. Will certificate authentication ever be offered as an alternative to SASL for Tor users? Since it creates extra work, it might be equally effective against abuse.

  3. I don’t know of any plans to do that, no. I’m not particularly familiar with how we set up tor-sasl, but it doesn’t seem that there’s existing code that could be used to do the same thing with certfp, and SASL has unique behavior (pausing the connection process until identification completes) that makes it work well for this.

    If you’d like further discussion, #freenode would probably be a better venue. There are plenty of people in there who understand ircd-seven/charybdis internals better than me :)

  4. Perhaps someday this newfangled external SASL method I’ve heard of will be supported in my IRC client of choice. That seems to be an option.

  5. Hopefully! We have a set of directions for SASL on various clients at https://www.freenode.net/sasl/ , so you might check whether it’s on there. If not, perhaps it’ll get added by its developers at some point :)

  6. As discussed in an earlier blog entry, the database prune mentioned here used a threshold of 150 days. We do not do database prunes very often at all (this is the second I remember happening in four years), and do not automatically remove nicks routinely.

    freenode does have a nick expiration system, which you can read about on our FAQ page. In short, most nicks expire if they’re unused for ten to fifteen weeks, and are dropped on request if expired (note: this is not automatic, it’s triggered by user requests).

    If you have a nick you’d like us to drop, please ask about it in #freenode, as we need to make sure you’re currently /nicked to it before dropping it so that nobody can swoop in and grab it before you get a chance to group it.

    If you’re trying to make sure your nicks don’t expire, make sure you identify to NickServ and /nick to them at least once every ten weeks. If you’re unable to do so (e.g. because of an upcoming extended vacation), drop by #freenode and ask staff as we may be able to work around that with prior notification.

  7. Since leaving the initial comment on here, I have been trying to make more of an effort and have been online at least once a day 😛

    I also got my host masked, so i’m not a sitting duck anymore for any kid with a computer/server. I suggest anyone who has a nickname worth registering get a vHost/mask set by one of the helpful #freenode staff.

    Anyway, thank god I still have this blog bookmarked as it reminded me about a great little place I once joined… my nick has been registered for over 3 years now, and i’m back to my wicked ways caught in the trap of the world that is IRC :(

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