Reminder: Keep your NickServ email up to date.

If you’ve registered with NickServ within the last few years then you’ll have used an email address and we’ll have sent you a mail to verify it. That will probably be the last time you heard from us…

…until you forget your password and find yourself unable to identify to your account. When that happens we can send an email (only to that same address) to verify your identify and reset your password.

You aren’t stuck with the email you originally used though! We’d very strongly recommend you take 5 minutes to double check the set email address is current, especially in light of recent service closures. You don’t need access to your old inbox to change your registered email, just your NickServ password.

To view the current state of your account, while identified type:

/msg nickserv info

If you’d like to then change the registered email address, first…

/msg nickserv set email [email protected]

… then check your email inbox. We’ll have sent you another email with instructions to verify this new address.

Your email address is hidden from other users by default. You can ensure this by setting:

/msg nickserv set hidemail on

Thanks for using freenode!

5 thoughts on “Reminder: Keep your NickServ email up to date.

  1. Wouldn’t it be more userfriendly if there was no “hidemail” setting, and email was simply _never_ shown, no matter what?

  2. The default setting when registering a new account is to hide the email.
    In my (personal) opinion think it’s also important that you are able to choose to show your email if you wish, to allow others another way to contact you.

  3. Hello Freenode,

    I did forget my password for my nickname. To whom I can send an email for re-registering my nick?

    Sorry for dummy questions but I can’t help it.

  4. Good Morning Andrea,
    Normally you can ask a staffer in #freenode or who appears on “/stats p”.
    I’ve just sent you password reset instructions to your email inbox.

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