UPDATE: This was of course an April Fool… you can “/msg nickserv set property GOOGLE+” to remove the property from your account. There might still be other secrets within the message though…


Edit: Previous versions of the post contained an incorrect NickServ command. We have corrected this and apologise for the inconvenience.

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  1. Could someone tell me what IyMjI3hrY2Q= means please? :)
    I know its an April Fools’ day clue but I don’t know how to decrypt it.

  2. at least you did not sell out to facebook.. this could all be a lot worse than it already is

  3. Are you serious? One of the big advantages of Freenode so far was the ability to escape the planets’ biggest data mining company. If a Google account becomes a requirement there’s no longer much point in using Freenode.

  4. hi when i try to enable this i get a “-NickServ- Invalid set command. Use /msg NickServ HELP SET for a command listing.” error, can anyone help??

  5. So now I’ve another account with google, which cannot be linked to the existing ones! Bet nobody at freenode ever thought about that, when working towards the target date of _April,_1st_!

    Very nice! :)

  6. The admins probably didn’t mean to enable this feature yet, but I signed up for the beta and now I can embed Youtube videos in IRC.

    I’ve been waiting for this all my life.

  7. Heh, amazing April Fools joke; I actually got suckered by this and didn’t think for a second about which day it was!

    Someone on IRC had to point it out to me… the humiliation :(

  8. Great! I love how I now have my Google+ avatar next to all my posts. πŸ˜€

    When will the search be integrated properly?

  9. Ahh now i noticed the date.. Guys, take in mind that such stupid (and really not funny) jokes can be really unhealthy for whole your service..:/

  10. UPDATE: the plans have been changed as Twitter has now offered 83282 bazilliaquillion dollars for the freenode network (that’s a 1 with a bashwillion zeroes behind it). We’ve started Freenode with a vision of maximum impact on the founders monetary balances and thus feel that maximum wallet thickness can be achieved by this deal. We further feel that the mission of Twitter and Freenode really converges and significant market efficiencies can be reached by joining the two companies, mostly because of the aforementioned bazilliaquillions.

    We request that, as agreed in the sales agreement between Freenode and the representative of the twitter social network, Mr Stephen Atan, Freenode users hand over their firstborn to the nearest horned representative in your neighbourhood, as well as their car keys. In case you forgot, you agreed to this in the legally binding message you receive upon login to twitter by not immediately sending triplicate cancellation notices to the Freenode offices on the moon upon first login.

    We feel this is ultimately the best outcome for our users, but mostly, for ourselves.

  11. I am very happy to see FreeNode take the leap into the 21st century of web-scale cloud-enabled social media, and I am excited for all the web-apps that will shape the future of FreeNode. I am already working on an instant-messaging app leveraging the power of your browser to send messages to your loved ones through cyberspace in real time, wherever you are, at any time, at the speed of your lifestyle, based on FreeNode’s RESTful JSON API.
    Your grandparents should be part of the opensource projects you work on in your free time, and equally so should personalised advertisements.

  12. Does this now mean that irc logs will be automatically backed up, so that when we login we’ll get all the history back from the point where we left the channel?

  13. I’m glad this is an april fools joke!!

    and not serious! >:V

  14. ####xkcd is a channel, look at the topic and decrypt that as well – base64 and rot13, prepend #### and that’s the next level =)

  15. “bazilliaquillions” brilliant, as is that whole post. :)

    That’s what central bankers get paid in, right?

  16. IyMjI3hrY2Q= –> “####xkcd”

    which I guess is in markdown.. which again would be “heading for xkcd”


  17. Hehehe… I love the comments of the folks that actually fell for it :).

    But to be honest I would hate such fusion :D. Not that it would have any sense…

    Keep it freenode.


  18. IyMjI3hrY2Q= base64-decodes to “####xkcd”. I still don’t get it though.

  19. ‘IyMjI3hrY2Q=’ is the base-64 encoding of ‘####xkcd’.

  20. $ python
    Python 2.7.3 (default, Jan 2 2013, 13:56:14)
    [GCC 4.7.2] on linux2
    Type “help”, “copyright”, “credits” or “license” for more information.
    >>> import base64
    >>> print base64.b64decode(“IyMjI3hrY2Q=”)

  21. There are a lot of people posting something beginning with a # in the blog comments… maybe you need to do something else with it…?

  22. May I ask you when will be published aftermath for april fools quiz?
    Thanks in advance.

  23. @hanyuu In the past it’s been a couple of weeks to give everyone a chance, keep your eyes peeled on the blog!

  24. @hanyuu Basically, after the cloak lottery is held, which will only happen after yano verifies everyone in the lottery, which is somewhere between soonβ„’ and never.

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