New extban: $j

We have loaded a new module on the network which provides the $j extban type:

$j:<chan> – matches users who are or are not banned from a specified channel

As an example…

/mode #here +b $j:#timbuktu

…would ban users from #here that are banned (+b) in #timbuktu.

Please note that there are a couple of gotchas:

  • Only matching +b list entries are checked. Quiets (+q) Exemptions (+e) & invexes (+I) are NOT then considered. As such, the following mode change would not alter the behaviour of the first example:

/mode #timbuktu +e *!*@*

  • Quiets and the quieting effect of bans may not immediately take effect on #here when #timbuktu’s ban list changes due to caching by the ircd.
  • $j isn’t recursive. Any $j extbans set in #timbuktu are ignored when matching in #here.

We imagine you’ll have some more useful use cases than the above.

Thanks for flying freenode!

2 thoughts on “New extban: $j

  1. This is nice to have and helps with botmonitoring who suggest `/mode +b $j:##botmonitoring-bots$##not-a-honeypot`.

    `##not-a-honeypot` could use the exttarget `$registered` to voice identified users instead of having to PM people to get voice and there would be other use cases for it too. I hope that you will start supporting them in near future like athemenet and piratenet.

    $chanacs:#freenode would also be easier to remember than the staffer hostmask and $staff would be even easier. I don’t know if exttargets can be added by operators, but athemenet has `$oper`, `$registered`, `$channel:#channel` and piratenet has those and `$` and `$chanacs:#channel`.

  2. Oh that will make a bit easier to handle some the channels with A LOT of members on them.

    Good update 😀

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