Atheme 7.2 and freenode


We’ve begun some testing on Atheme’s latest release, 7.2, and we’d like to invite interested users to help with that.

Not all changes the Atheme project has included in their new release will be included in our Atheme upgrade, so here’s the bulk of the changes that will actually affect our network:

  • /msg NickServ DROP will require confirmations from the user similar
    to the ChanServ variant. This is to prevent people DROPping when they
    should be GHOSTing or similar.
  •  We’ve loaded two exttargets:
    • $registered to grant flags to all people who are identified to
    • $chanacs to grant flags to people who have flags in another
      channel. Please read /msg ChanServ HELP FLAGS for details on how they work.
  • The SASL mechanism DH-BLOWFISH has been removed. People using it
    can connect via SSL and use PLAIN or upgrade to ECDSA-NIST256P-CHALLENGE.
    Details of how to do so are here and our SASL page will be updated with the relevant documentation soonish.

You should be able to connect to testnet at Port 9002 for cleartext, and 9003 for SSL. Bear in mind, the database is a couple weeks old, so changes you’ve recently made on the production network may not be mirrored on the testnet network. Various amounts of staff should be idling in #freenode on testnet at all times, please feel free to poke us with any questions.



A short mention on Mibbit

Hi all.

It has come to our attention that Mibbit have experienced a security issue impacting (or so it initially appears) their testing servers. This has resulted in a list of plain text NickServ passwords from Mibbit’s own NickServ (the one you use if you connect to being made public, as well as a small section of private logs and some internal server details of the affected equipment. There’s some more information on their own blog.

As I’m sure many of you have been aware, Mibbit hasn’t been available for use with freenode for quite a while now so the issue will only indirectly impact freenode users when the password they use for their NickServ is the same as it is for elsewhere.  Therefore freenode staff are recommending that anyone that has used Mibbit’s own NickServ should ensure that their password is changed to keep your account secure.

Of course, it’s always good practice to change passwords periodically so you may wish to take the opportunity to do so as a matter of course.

Web chat updates

Over the last few  weeks we have had quite a bit of feedback from our new web chat client.  As a result of this we’ve been able to feed back requests to the qwebirc developers who have been able to add many requested features:

  • Optional Nick colour support
  • Optional join, part and quit message hiding
  • Optional last position indicator to track which content is new since you last focused on IRC
  • CSS changes to highlight messages from yourself
  • https support
  • NickServ authentication

Some of the optional features are disabled by default, but can be enabled in the option pane, accessible from the menu (top left).

Possible SORBS closure

Short blog post this evening but an important one!

I suspect many of you rely on the SORBS DNS blacklists to help provide spamless emails.  Sadly infrastructure support is being withdrawn by the current providers leaving a significant void to effective spam handling.

I encourage you to read over the articles on and if at all possible offer assistance.