As many of you will be aware, freenode has been experiencing intermittent instability today, as the network has been under attack. Whilst we have network services back online, the network continues to be a little unreliable and users are continuing to report issues in connecting to the network.

We appreciate the patience of our many wonderful users whilst we continue to work to mitigate the effects this has on the network.

We also greatly appreciate our many sponsors who work with us to help minimise the impact and who are themselves affected by attacks against the network.

We’ve posted on this subject before, and what we said then remains as true as ever – and for those of you who didn’t read the earlier blogpost first time round, it’s definitely worth perusing it now if this subject interests or affects you.

Thank you all for your patience as we continue to work to restore normal service!

[UPDATE 04/02/2014]

At the moment SASL authentication works only on PLAINTEXT, *not* BLOWFISH. We’ve checked and TOR should be working too. Sadly wolfe.freenode.net will be taken off the rotation, so those users who’ve connected specifically to it, please make sure that your client points to our recommended roundrobin of chat.freenode.net!

6 thoughts on “Turbulence

  1. all users: please note that it starts getting boring and adds to the threat in total when you discuss the 1400th time off-topic nonsense like “DoS the DDoSers” in #freenode.
    It’s a service channel. It’s NOT for unspecific discussions or even mere rant statements that just add to freenode staff’s workload and thus those who post those are acting as accomplice of those fools who are responsible for the recent problems. Thanks for staying on topic!

    @freenode-staff: thanks for the awesome job you’re doing in handling this :-)

  2. Any idea why the network is getting DDOS’d ?

  3. Nobody will ever find out the specific reason why Freenode is being DDoS attacked. People can only come to conclusions such as “Freenode k-lined a kid and the kid got mad so decided to DDoS attack Freenode.”

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